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Our suppliers are at the core of the Astellas mission and help us deliver true value. Explore this website to find out more.


Welcome to Astellas Supplier Page

Our suppliers are at the core of the Astellas mission and provide essential goods and services globally to help us deliver true value across the organization and to our diverse business divisions.

How we engage with you is of critical importance to the success of Astellas and here you will find information on a wide range of topics from our expectations relating to sustainability, policy and compliance to explanations of our core Source-to-Pay processes and our global terms and conditions.

Global Procurement

Our Global Procurement organization now has a presence in over 50 countries worldwide and covers Marketing, Professional Services, Information Technology, Research & Development, Supply Chain Manufacturing and Real Estate and Workplace Experience functions.

For more information about Astellas as an organization and to learn more about our products, please visit Astellas.com

Committed to diversity and sustainability

Sustainable Procurement

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