Existing Suppliers

Category Strategies

Global Procurement manages Astellas’ spend with third party suppliers by creating ‘Category Strategies’ in partnership with the Business Functions. A Category Strategy defines how we purchase a good/service, helps determine when/if a competitive bid is required (needs a sourcing event), establishes Preferred Supplier(s) relationships and/or helps Astellas optimize the quantity or volume we purchase. A Category Strategy considers various factors such as quality, service levels, speed, diversity aspects and innovation.

Engaging For New Contracts

Astellas requires purchase-related contracts with suppliers whenever total anticipated spend and/or risk thresholds are exceeded. Purchases using Ariba Catalogs do not require a signed contract per transaction and instead use Purchase Order Terms and Conditions.


Astellas uses the Ariba Contracting module within Ariba’s Guided Buying platform to manage contract collaboration, negotiation, and signature, and requires suppliers to respond to contractual demands in a timely manner. Where legally permitted, Astellas globally encourages the use of DocuSign for obtaining electronic signatures on contracts.


The Contracting service is owned and managed by Astellas Legal, in partnership with Global Procurement.

We also perform our Third-Party Supplier Lifecycle (TPLM) risk assessments per engagement in parallel with the contract process and it is critical that you do not start work for Astellas until the contract is signed and a purchase order is received.

Purchase Order Handling

Astellas uses Guided Buying in Ariba as its primary requisitioning and purchasing tool, and all purchase requisitions are managed by the Astellas business owner. Astellas prefers to submit Purchase Orders (POs) to the respective supplier via the Ariba Network, but when needed, is also able to submit POs in PDF format via email.

Upon receipt, please carefully check each PO for accuracy, promptly report concerns and/or feedback, and do not start work for Astellas until after receiving a satisfactory PO.

Astellas Ethics & Compliance Helpline

Astellas is committed to maintaining integrity in our supplier relationships.

To honor this commitment, Astellas offers an Ethics & Compliance helpline through which our suppliers may voice their questions and concerns.

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