Purchase to Payment

Ariba Network

Astellas promotes the use of the Ariba Network for Sourcing events, Supplier Master Data, Purchase Orders and Invoicing depending on your country or location. In cases where the Ariba Network is not used by the Astellas’ suppliers, Astellas will email PDF Purchase Orders and accept PDF invoices, which are sent by email to the local email address that is specified on the Purchase Order.

To ensure timely payment, please submit a tax compliant invoice that clearly references the Astellas Purchase Order (PO) number and includes matching PO line item(s) that are being invoiced. A mismatch may result in processing and approval delays.

Please do not issue an invoice or start work until you have received a valid purchase order from Astellas.

Purchase to Pay transactional activities at Astellas are supported by Global Business Services. This organization manages the processing of Purchase Orders, Invoices, Payments and Supplier Master administration.

Payments and Payment Terms

Invoices are paid in alignment with the Astellas payment terms, which are either agreed to in the contract or based on the country-specific standard established at the Astellas affiliate who is processing the invoice. Upon payment, Astellas will email the remittance advice, confirming the payment amount, to the contact email address that was provided during supplier onboarding.

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