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Astellas Global Procurement follows a strategic approach towards selecting its suppliers. Astellas employs a ‘by invitation only’ position with regards to prospective suppliers with whom we have no prior relationship. New suppliers are only added when new business has been awarded, and Preferred suppliers are designated by Astellas Global Procurement only after a rigorous review and selection process.

If you are invited to participate in a competitive bidding process for new business with Astellas, you should be aware of a few key considerations that form the basis for selection. A non-exhaustive list of some of those key considerations are:


Prospective suppliers must clearly demonstrate ability to meet Astellas needs.


Prospective suppliers should expect a fair and equitable competitive bidding process.

Cost Consciousness

Astellas demands market competitive pricing for all its purchases.

Ethics & Compliance Standards

Astellas requires that its suppliers conform to all applicable legal, regulatory and ethical business standards.

Risk Mitigation

All purchases at Astellas are reviewed to ensure that major risks can be mitigated. Examples of areas we review include data privacy, data security, anti-bribery anti-corruption, labor rights, environmental health and safety, solvency and others.

SAP Ariba.

Note that once we have invited you as a supplier to engage in a sourcing event or for supplier onboarding you may be asked to register and participate on the Ariba Network. In this case the appropriate links and support will be provided directly.

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