Technology Focus

Astellas is leveraging key technology platforms to provide a more efficient user and supplier-centric experience across all the Source to Pay processes. Listed below are key examples of supplier-facing technologies that Astellas uses:


Astellas Global Procurement offers an e -sourcing tool to facilitate competitive bidding for those existing and prospective suppliers for which the total anticipated spend exceeds specified thresholds. Where an e-sourcing event is applicable, Global Procurement will contact you for guidance.


Astellas supports global use of catalogs in our Ariba platform across multiple categories and encourages suppliers with catalog capability to extend the use of their catalog to Astellas. The catalogs at Astellas include punchout catalogs set up in Ariba or locally hosted catalogs, which provide a more efficient order processing (from request to payment) compared to non-catalog purchases. If you are an existing supplier to Astellas, please discuss catalog opportunities with your Global Procurement contact where appropriate.

Supplier Relationship Management (SRM)

Astellas is actively onboarding valued suppliers into our supplier collaboration platform, which allows for the suppliers to be involved in the Astellas SRM program. Astellas is also leveraging the Innovate2gether (I2G) module within the supplier collaboration platform to give these onboarded suppliers the option to participate in supplier enabled innovation efforts.

Look out for innovation events on the Innovate2Gether page.

Science Exchange

At Astellas, our mission is to turn innovation into VALUE for patients. We are continuously working to improve how we do that, in the lab, as well as in our operations. That is why we came together globally to improve our speed and agility in developing new medicines.

As part of this, we implemented Science Exchange, a leading technology-enabled R&D marketplace, to streamline our sourcing, contracting and service provider due-diligence processes for research.

Our Focus Area approach leverages combinations of our expertise across biology, modalities, and technologies to meet high unmet medical needs. By embracing digital transformation in R&D, we can adapt quickly and efficiently with the science and improve how we develop the next generation of new medicines. Science Exchange supports this by improving access to innovative service providers and enhancing collaboration across our research sites around the world.

Through Science Exchange, our teams have fast and easy access to a network of over 3,500 trusted service providers across the world. This secure and compliant system has significantly improved how we engage with service providers. Our scientists can now quickly search cutting-edge R&D services and begin work with a service provider within days.

Astellas senior leader Frank Hudson explains, “This is a real opportunity for us to speed up our work….so we can deliver the best science and great value for patients in need.”

Science Exchange also makes it easier for new service providers to work with Astellas. Whether the service providers are co-located with our Global Innovation Hubs in the US or Japan, or other countries, service providers in the Science Exchange network can immediately start collaborating and working with researchers at Astellas.


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