Submission Terms

These Submission terms set out terms with which you must comply to when you register on the cloud-based platform solution currently operated by Astellas under the name Innovation Platform (“Platform”). “You” refers to an employee or representative of a company or organization who is not an employee of Astellas or its affiliate

1. You represent and warrant that you have the right to disclose information in this submission to Astellas.
2. You represent and warrant that the disclosure and/ or use of the information in this submission does not infringe the intellectual property rights of any third party and YouI shall defend, indemnify and hold Astellas harmless from any claims related to any infringement, misappropriation or violation by you of any right of a third party.
3. You acknowledge and agree that Astellas will not treat the information as confidential or proprietary, and thus will not be restricted from using such information or disclosing such information to third parties.
4. You acknowledge and agree that there is no guarantee that Astellas will pursue an opportunity with you, or that Astellas will reply to your submission. Any decision to pursue an opportunity with you shall be made by Astellas in its sole discretion and require execution of an appropriate agreement.
5. You understand that Astellas may already have initiatives involving similar or identical products, technologies or processes as that submitted by you and nothing shall be construed as a representation or inference that Astellas is not developing or will not develop for itself or enter into business relationships with other third parties that involve products, technologies or processes that are similar or identical to or compete with any product, technology or process submitted by you.
6. You waive all claims of any nature arising out of your submission concerning the development of a new product or invention, or adaptation or improvement to an Astellas product, with the exception of any rights under a valid Patent and/or other Intellectual Property right.
7. You acknowledge that you have read and agree to Astellas’ Privacy Policy 

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